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Aloha! Welcome to the website of the Hawaii Intertidal Project. Our project is a collaboration between the University of Hawaii’s GK-12 program and the Education Laboratory School, a charter school in Honolulu. In Spring 2003, UH Zoology graduate student Chela Zabin and Dr. Erin Baumgartner's 9th grade Marine Science class at ELS surveyed 5 intertidal sites around Oahu. Our goal was to document the diversity of life in the intertidal. On this website, you will find scientific information, such as the details of our study; educational materials, such as classroom activities using intertidal organisms; a basic introduction to Hawaii’s intertidal; plenty of pictures, and a list of common intertidal organisms.

But first…what exactly is the intertidal?

Students from the Education Laboratory School survey the intertidal at Coconut Island.

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