Dolabrifera dolabrifera
Discodoris fragilis
(laying eggs)
Discodoris fragilis
Hexabranchus sanguineus
Thordisa setosa

Our project

In an effort to learn more about the intertidal in Hawaii, the 9th grade Marine Sciences class at the Education Laboratory School carried out field surveys of 5 rocky intertidal sites around the island of Oahu in the spring of 2003. To our knowledge, this was the first large-scale attempt to characterize Oahu’s intertidal flora and fauna. Graduate students from UH Botany and Zoology departments and the Bernice P. Bishop Museum assisted our class with lectures, field trips and species identifications. We collected some 330 species of macro algae, invertebrates and fish.

Project goals

We had both scientific and educational goals for the project. Our major scientific goal was to make a list of intertidal macroinvertebrates, algae and fish. From this list, we hoped to answer these important ecological and conservation questions about the Hawaiian intertidal:

  1. What percentage of intertidal organisms is endemic?
  2. How invaded is the intertidal?
  3. What are the biogeographic origins of the organisms in the intertidal?
  4. What percentage of intertidal organisms lives in the intertidal only?
  5. Are there differences between intertidal communities at different sites?
  6. What are the most common intertidal species?

Links to project methods, site photographs and descriptions, results and intertidal species database coming soon.

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Hydactina amplustre
unknown bubbleshell
Onchididium verraculatum
Cellana Sp.
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