Paraplanocera oligoglena
Unidentified flatworm
Pseudoceros paralaticlavus
Pherecardia striata
Sabellastarte spectabilis
What is the intertidal?
The intertidal is the stretch of shore that lies between the high and low tides. It includes tide pools, which are pools of water isolated from the rest of the ocean during low tide. Although it’s above the high tide line, the splash zone, which gets occasional splash from waves and salt spray from wind, is often considered to be part of the intertidal. Marine biologists also frequently differentiate between the rocky intertidal (an area of mainly boulders or rocky benches) and sandy or muddy intertidal areas, as the organisms that live in these places tend to be quite different.

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Loimia medusa
Salmacina dysteri
Pericelis hymanae
Thelepsus setosus