Project Personnel

Erin Baumgartner

Chela Zabin, PhD candidate University of Hawaii, Manoa (Zoology/Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology specializing in Marine Invertebrate Invasions and Intertidal Monitoring). She is currently a National Science Foundation Graduate Teaching Fellow in K-12 Education and developed the intertidal project with Erin Baumgartner. When Chela first came to Hawaii about 6 years ago to pursue a doctorate at UH, she was surprised to find few resources on Hawaii's intertidal and a prevailing view among marine scientists that there was little to study in the intertidal here.she was questioned why she was interested in studying the ecology of the intertidal as it seems there was a universal belief that Hawaii does not have an intertidal. She was quite mystified by this as each intertidal site she studied proved to be diverse with thriving communities of algae, fish and invertabrates alike.

Blu Forman, Graphic designer by profession, biology hobbiest as time allows.

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