Nesochthamalus intertextus

Purple Rock Barnacle


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Chela Zabin
May 2000

Nesochthamalus intertextus
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Description: The purple rock barnacle has jagged looking outer plates.  It is flat, light purple/grey and usually about 1/2 cm in length.  When feeding, feather like cirri stick out of the center opening of the plates.

Habitat: The species is found on high shorelines in large bunches.  They are found on rocks a little below the splash zone.
Range (include invasive, native, endemic): Indo-Pacific (Native)
Trophic information: Purple rock barnacles are filter feeders, they sweep small paritcles like plankton out of the water.  Barnacles are eaten by whelks and blue mussels.
Safety: Do not step on barnacles, their plates might be sharp or you might crush them.
Comments: This species is pretty common and easy to spot.  It was found in the Diamond Head and Coconut Island sites.  Removing barnacles from rocks can be challenging so if possible, it is smarter to take the whole rock with you.
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